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Letter from The Founder

Dear Friends,​


Ever since I was a child, I have been dedicated to activites that improved my health.  Playing sports as a youngster, I soon became aware of the relationship between physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  However, something was missing. I realized that I was only able to help people who were already motivated to be physically fit.  I knew the benefits I had recieved from being in good shape. I knew what it did for me personally. I saw a direct relationship between my awareness of life around me and my personal fitness.  I became innately aware of the stress in my life through it manifestations in my physical well-being.   Emotions and relationships were enhanced when I felt good physically, and adversely affected when I didn't.  I wanted others to have this awareness as well, so began my career as a Physical Therapist.  Through Physical Therapy, not only have I been able to ease pain, I have been able to change the emotional well-being of individuals, restore their productivity and ultimately their self-esteem.


 I am more excited about the benefits of Pysical Therapy now than I was 20 years ago.  The direction we have chosen to take as a practice is exhilarating.  I hope you enjoy this website as it is another step towards bettering our practice.  It is designed for everyone involved in the Physical Therapy process; the patient, the doctor, the surgeon, the health care facilities, and even the attorneys.


I hope to see you at one of our facilities soon. Here's to good health for all!




Igor Yatskar

President, Atlantis Physical Therapy Group, Inc.

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