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Physical Therapy for the Aging Spine


As our bodies age, there are many conditions that can impact the spine, which affect one's independence, health and comfort. At Atlantis Physical Therapy, we design individualized exercise programs to help prevent or minimize the impact aging has on our body and promote strength, flexbility, balance and coordination.


Conditions that affect the aging spine:


Spinal Stenosis





Neck and back pain

Muscle weakness

Difficulty with balance or walking

Vision problems

Pre-existing medical condition that limit mobility
(such as Parkinsons disease, stroke or diabetes)

Fall Prevention


As we age, the risk of falling increases. Approximately, one in three seniors above the age of 65 will fall at least once this year.  Falls can lead to serious consequences such as fractures, functinoal limitations and loss of independence. At Atlantis Physical Therapy, we create individual exercise programs to maintain or improve one's balance, strength and functional abilities to promotive overall health and indepenence.


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